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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Allergy Free Naturally Using Green Products

3 Ways To Keep Your Home Allergy Free Naturally Using Green Products

Green is the new black when it comes to cleaning products. Effective green products are replacing traditional ones that leave toxic residues and chemicals on surfaces and in the air. This is great news for everyone, especially those who suffer from allergies and who are sensitive to irritants that remain long after the cleaning is completed. It is important to be aware of what you are using to clean your home and office space. The truth is, conventional cleaners may be doing more harm than good. Here are three tips to keep your home allergy free naturally using green products.

1. Read the Product Label: Many traditional cleaners contain irritating chemicals that trigger allergies and asthma. There are even some products on the market that claim to be “green products” but still contain some irritating ingredients. Check the label and avoid ones with formaldehyde, ammonia, D-limonene, sodium lauyrl sulphate, Phthalates, ammonia, quarternary ammonium compounds and chlorine. Instead, look for products that include citrus, vinegar, lemon oil, borax, baking soda, cloves and cinnamon.

2.  Improve Air Quality: Our homes and offices are built to be environmentally controlled throughout the entire year. We no longer open windows and doors to let the fresh air in and old air out. Adding air filters which remove toxins, bacteria, mold, dust and to simply to refresh the air quality is a beneficial solution to improving overall air quality . There are many types of air filters on the market. Some require cleaning, others require filter replacements. Follow the manufacturers instructions and enjoy cleaner, fresher air.

3.  Clean Regularly:  Keep a regular cleaning schedule and use green products that work well for you and your lifestyle. Removing hidden allergy triggers like dust, dander and other common pollutants from the area is key. For example, wiping flat surfaces and walls, vacuuming and mopping floors and washing bedding and blankets is essential to eliminating pollutants from the air.

Contact a professional cleaning service to help you create a cleaning schedule, select green products and keep your overall home allergy free.