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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for All Businesses

4 Spring Cleaning Tips For All Businesses

Spring cleaning is an important tradition in many homes and should also be just as important in a work environment. It doesn’t matter what size the company is or what industry it represents; the cleanliness of the surroundings should be a continual priority, and spring is the perfect time to start. Many companies hire professional corporate cleaning companies because they consider it an investment in their business and success. Here are four spring cleaning tips for all businesses.

1.  Organize Workspace: Remove any unnecessary clutter from desks and work spaces. Get rid of unnecessary paperwork and other “piles” that have accumulated. File away important documents. Disinfect the telephone. A neat and clean desk demonstrates that a business pays attention to details and cares about its employees and customers.

2.  Clean Common Areas:  Keep all the common areas, entryways and meeting spaces clean and tidy. Dust and disinfect flat surfaces, mop hard surfaces, wash windows and wipe down the walls. After tables, desks and shelves are dusted, vacuum the floor. Use a commercial vacuum with specialty filters to prevent the dust particles from returning into the air.

3.  Freshen the Air: Fresh air is imperative for a healthy and clean work environment. If there are working windows, consider temporarily opening them to allow fresh air to enter the space. Replace furnace filters regularly, spray an air disinfectant and install commercial air cleaners to continually filter and recirculate the air.

4.  Disinfect Bathrooms:  The bathrooms should be cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom, especially during a spring cleaning. Bacteria, mold and other germs multiply in these well-used rooms, whether they are public rest rooms or reserved for employees. Consider replacing towels with air hand dryers and installing a hand sanitizer unit to help prevent germs. Since bathrooms require continual cleaning maintenance throughout the entire year, consider hiring a professional cleaning company.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to focus on this overlooked topic, and the best time to contact a professional company to schedule routine cleaning in order to  maintain a clean, healthy work environment.