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5 Fall Cleaning Tips

5 Fall Cleaning Tips

Although spring is normally the time for a big clean up, breaking up the work can make it easier to keep your house tidy. Fall is a great time to get rid of dirt and grime that has built up over the summer. Here are some tasks to tackle in the fall.

#1 Deep Clean the Kitchen

Grease from cooking can build up on your kitchen cabinets, appliances and walls. So, wipe down your stovetop, hood and other kitchen surfaces. Make sure you clean everything from the cabinets to the refrigerator.

#2 Clean the Carpets

Carpet cleaning should be at the top of your to-do list for the fall. It can help get rid of all of the dirt, grime and dust that has been tracked into your home over the summer. A professional carpet cleaning will help keep your carpet in great shape. Regular cleaning can increase the life of your carpets significantly.

#3 Wash Curtains

Put your window treatments in the washer. Make sure they are washable first though. Some fabrics can be washed on delicate. If the curtains don’t have a tag, then send them to the dry cleaner just to be sure. Wipe down vinyl shades or blinds with a microfiber cloth.

#4 Clean and Vacuum Sofas and Chairs

When was the last time you cleaned under the cushions of your sofa? If it has been a while, then now is a great time to clean your sofa. Launder the slipcovers. Vacuum around the sides, arms and the backs of chairs and sofas. Also, pull sofas out from the wall and vacuum underneath them.

#5 Test and Clean Smoke and Fire Detectors

Dust can build up in your smoke and fire detectors and cause them to malfunction. Therefore, test all of your smoke and fire detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Replace any low batteries or detectors that are not working. Also, clean around the unit’s openings.

To keep your house clean between spring and fall deep cleaning sessions, consider recurring home cleaning. This service will help keep your home tidy all year long.