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5 Products You Need in Your Cleaning Closet

5 Products You Need In Your Cleaning Closet

Even if you have a professional cleaning your Manhattan home or office on a regular basis, there will be certain little messes that need your attention. Having the right supplies for the job will make you more effective at taking care of the problem. When you’re restocking your cleaning cabinet you will want to make sure you have these five items handy–and cleaning will be a breeze!

  • Baking Soda – There are few substances that are more important for cleaning than baking soda. In addition, baking soda is quite economical and also ecologically friendly. Use it anytime you need “scouring power” but also want to avoid harsh chemicals. A baking soda paste can be used to clean the tub or sink, and may remove stains from countertops. In addition, baking soda and vinegar combined is an excellent way to break up clogs in your drain.
  • Vinegar – As mentioned above, vinegar is useful as a drain cleaner, but it is also a superior multipurpose cleaner. Mix vinegar with water to safely wipe clean your kitchen. A vinegar and water mixture is also great for streak-free windows with no worries about chemicals.
  • Dish Soap – Standard dish soap is a wonderful mild cleaning agent that you can use for anything from your dishes to jewelry to greasy messes on carpets and clothing. Make sure to mix with warm water before applying to anything that will be difficult to rinse clean.
  • Lint-Free Cloths – While hand towels or “rags” are good for some jobs, cleaning glass isn’t one of them. With a few lint-free cloths in your cleaning tool kit you’ll be ready to tackle any mess and not have to worry about what gets behind when you’re done.
  • Bleach – Although bleach is a bit less “friendly” than some of the other items on this list, it is a great cleaning tool. If you need to assure a surface is clear of bacteria, mold or other contaminants, bleach mixed with warm water is a great choice. Just be cautious about mixing bleach with other chemicals and make sure any area is well ventilated when you are cleaning.

Surprisingly, it is easy to keep your home or business clean without spending tons of money on expensive, chemical-filled products. The above items are easily purchased and are a great start for you to build a simple and effective cleaning tool kit!