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5 Simple Steps to Green Your Luxury Home

5 Simple Steps To Green Your Luxury Home

There are many reasons to lower your carbon footprint at home, including creating a greener environment for your family and for the earth. You can also save money on energy bills and encourage a healthier lifestyle for everyone who lives with you. It may seem challenging to green your luxury home, but if you make the changes incrementally, your family will hardly notice the differences. Here is a guide with just five simple steps to get you started.

1. Install Programmable Thermostats

Heating and cooling bills eat up large chunks of your household budget each year, especially if you live in a climate with hot summers and/or cold, snowy winters. Installing a programmable thermostat gives you the option to lower your energy usage when everyone is at work or school, you are asleep, or away on vacation. Thermostats can be programmed for timed changes throughout the day or over a week’s time. You can customize the temperature to suit yourself and your family.

2. Replace Lightbulbs With LED Bulbs

Lightbulbs burn a lot of energy, especially during the winter season when nights are longer and days are shorter. The newest lightbulb technology uses LED bulbs to brighten your home. They use less energy than standard bulbs and have a longer lifetime. You can find these at local hardware stores.

3. Reduce Air Leaks

If you live in an older home, chances are that air leaks around windows and doors are common. Some of these you can fix yourself, while you may need a professional to repair the others. Replacing old windows with new modern windows will eliminate leaks around and through windows. You can also reglaze window joints if you don’t want to replace a decorative or antique window. Reglazing seals the joint between the window glass and the wood frame. Weatherstrips can be added to doors to reduce leaking air.

4. Replace Old Appliances

If your old washer and dryer are on their last legs, or you just want to improve your energy bill, it’s time to replace them. New appliances use less electricity to do their jobs. Any appliance you replace will be more energy-efficient and lower your carbon footprint.

5. Clean With Eco-Friendly, Green Products

The cleaning products we use can affect the health of everyone who lives with us including our pets. Harsh chemicals can seep into our bodies through our skin from residue left on items cleaned. That’s why At Keep It Up we only use eco-friendly cleaning products in your home. We want our customers to stay healthy and safe, from the youngest infant to the furriest pet. You can keep your environment green year-round by using eco-friendly products in your laundry, your garden and lawn, and to clean your surfaces throughout your home.