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Are Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies Effective?

Are Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies Effective?

You may not give much thought to the ingredients that are in the cleaning products that you use in your home. But, if you stop to think about what’s in a container, you would probably stop using these products immediately. Take a look at the back of a Lime-A-Way bottle, and you’ll see the words “corrosive.”  A glance at a Drano bottle tells you that the solution causes burns on contact. Imagine what would happen if your children or pets accidentally swallowed these products.

The fact is that many household cleaners don’t even need to be consumed or come into contact with skin to be a health hazard. Breathing in any of these compounds is terrible for one’s health. Serious health problems have been linked to harsh cleaning chemicals. Cleaning products that have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are associated with damage to the eye, nose and throat. These compounds have also been found to harm the kidneys, liver and the central nervous system. They are also linked to cancer.

A clean home should never compromise the environment or one’s health. The good news is that you don’t need to risk you or your family’s health to have a clean home. According to WebMD, antibacterial and harsh cleaners are not usually even required. One popular myth is that natural cleaning products are not effective. This belief is just not accurate. WebMD says that most harsh chemicals don’t work any better or kill any more germs than eco-friendly alternatives. Assistant Professor of Clinical Laboratory Science at Saint Louis University and hygiene expert Donna Duberg says that natural cleaners can clean and disinfect just as well as harsh chemicals.

At Keep It Up, our customers expect exceptional service and high-quality products. To cater to their needs, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning techniques and solutions that are effective enough to tackle the most challenging residential and commercial cleaning jobs.

Our products are eco-friendly — and strong enough for the most demanding cleaning tasks. Because they are made with safe ingredients, our solutions won’t leave harmful, damaging residue on surfaces. These gentle cleaning solutions will clean any surface safely without compromising on quality.

Keep It Up is excited to announce that we have the Green Seal approval. This distinction is given to companies that use Earth-friendly practices and products. We are proud to announce that all of our products are Sierra-Club, Green Seal and EPA approved. These products are naturally-derived and eliminate the use of dangerous substance and chemicals. For more information about our eco-friendly cleaning products or to receive a quote, contact us today.