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How to Clean a Chandelier

How To Clean A Chandelier

A beautiful chandelier helps add light and classic style to your home. Chandeliers benefit from a periodic cleaning. When cleaning one, it’s a good idea to keep in mind several basic steps. All parts should be cleaned thoroughly. After it is completely cleaned, you want to put it back in place exactly as it was. Today’s modern, green cleaning methods make this process easier than ever.

Start With a Plan

If the chandelier is particularly complicated, you might want to turn the power off and clean each piece separately. In that case, a series of shots from multiple angles can serve as a reference point when putting the chandelier back together afterward. Close-ups should be taken of each lighting detail. This helps resolve any issues about the composition of the chandelier after the cleaning is done. For a particularly complicated chandelier, it’s best to take detailed notes and even create a diagram.

The Type of Materials 

Perhaps the most important consideration when cleaning a chandelier is what the chandelier is made from. Many chandeliers are a combination of materials including glass, wood and metal. You want to have the proper cleaning supplies for each part before you take it down.

Cleaning Glass 

Cleaning the glass part is relatively simple. In many cases, an eco-friendly glass cleaner composed of one part isopropyl alcohol and combined with four parts of distilled water can be applied to each glass part. This will restore luster and remove any accumulated grime. Keep lint-free cloths on hand to wipe off the solution and avoid leaving any fingerprints on the delicate crystal.

Cleaning Other Materials

Most chandeliers are made from varied kinds of materials. Metal and wood parts may require special handling. In many cases, metal can be wiped clean using standard metal cleaning solutions. Wood should be dusted carefully. Then, apply natural oils like lemon oil to add additional shine and color.

Putting it Back 

After cleaning each part, let it dry completely. After that, you can place it back on the ceiling. Use the photos taken beforehand as a guide.