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How to Keep Your Patio Furniture from Corroding in the Sea Air

How To Keep Your Patio Furniture From Corroding In The Sea Air

Keeping your patio furniture out during the warm weather season is much more convenient than lugging it back and forth from the garage. It also helps ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your outdoor living spaces. However, if you live near the coast, the sea air can cause your furniture to age well before its time. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to help preserve your patio furniture without having to take it in and out of the garage each time you want to sit outside.

Tips for keeping your patio furniture from corroding in the sea air

1. Give it a wipe. Removing moisture that likely contains salt from the nearby sea will keep those corrosive elements from remaining long enough on your furniture to do damage. Just a quick daily wipe with a damp cloth can greatly extend the lifespan and the beauty of your patio furniture.

2. Take it indoors after the season. While diligent care will allow you to keep your metal patio furniture outside during the warm weather season, there’s no sense leaving it outside during the winter months when you won’t be using it. Extended exposure to the elements and the salt air will just cause it to corrode more quickly.

3. Apply paste wax to your furniture. A good car wax will provide a protective layer and keep moisture from getting to the surface of your outdoor chairs and tables. Make sure to clean your pieces well before you apply the wax and use a wide, flexible brush. Gently buff the wax after you’ve rubbed it in well. Reapply at the beginning of a new season and once or twice during the summer.

Living by the coast doesn’t mean that you have to continually replace your patio furniture or lug it in and out of storage each time you want to use it. Simply wipe the moisture off of your furniture daily, apply a paste wax periodically during the summer and make sure to store your furniture out of the elements once the season has ended.