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How Window Cleaning and Natural Lighting Boosts Your Mood

How Window Cleaning And Natural Lighting Boosts Your Mood

Did you know that natural lighting is an important part of your overall interior design? You spend countless hours creating the right look and feel for your beautiful home, so don’t overlook this powerful design essential. Natural lighting shines the spotlight on your good taste and improves your mood too, so make sure you have sparkling clean windows. Natural light and clean windows create a comfortable and enjoyable space and are a win-win for a healthy, happy home.

1.  Learn Your Lighting:  Architects who design buildings know how important lighting is to a structure, so your home probably has windows, doors, sky lights and other well thought-out features. Take a look around and note how, when and where the sunlight shines into your home. Then evaluate your furniture, home accents and mirror placement to get the most from the light. Complement with lamps and light fixtures to create a well-lit home.

2. Create a Mood:  There are three main types of lighting: ambient, task and accent. These work with natural lighting and help us create a certain mood for the room. Ambiance is the overall illumination, and it is created with recessed lights, chandeliers and pendant lights. Accent lighting is created with spotlights and is used to highlight certain areas and showcase artwork or special collections. Task lighting is the light used in a small, specific area, like a desk lamp in an office, or vanity lights in a powder room. Correctly combining these three lighting elements creates amazing results.

3.  Work Those Windows: Make sure your window cleaning is regular and consistent so your windows work for you. Natural light works best when it shines through clean glass. Then, use the light to illuminate your space and mood. For example, a darker room can benefit from light reflections from a nearby window. Strategically placed decorative mirrors hanging opposite from windows will bounce and improve the sunlight. Replacing curtains with lighter-weight window treatments or shutters will allow more light to fill the home, creating a beautiful, cheerful space.