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New Office Cleaning Technology for the New Year

New Office Cleaning Technology For The New Year

Technology is making work easier and more productive in a plethora of industries, and new products that save time and money are introduced each year. The commercial cleaning business is not immune to this trend. In fact, there are several new products on the market this year that can keep your office even cleaner without increasing your cleaning service’s workload. Make sure to ask your cleaning service rep about the following new types of technology.

New cleaning technology for 2019

1. Digital janitors. While robots have been used for decades, this technology is just making its way to an affordable application for commercial cleaning companies. Digital janitors are especially efficient and cost-effective for floor cleaning, for which the majority of the cost is labor. Robots use labor to navigate the space and have a memory to log the areas that have already been covered. There are also window-cleaning robots, manufactured by the company Serbot, which maintains that the robots are 15 percent faster than a human worker.

2. Smart technology. Another major advancement in cleaning technology is using the internet of things and smart technology for items like bathroom soap dispensers that send a message when they need to be refilled or trash cans that signal when they are full.

3. Electrically charged cleaning solutions. This sounds scary, but adding a mild electrostatic charge to a cleaning solution directs it to cover the entire surface without missing any corners or hard-to-reach spaces.

4. Software programs that allow managers to remotely manage staff. New software is also helping commercial cleaning firms become more efficient. Programs like SmartCleaner give managers the ability see in a dashboard where all of their workers are located at any given moment as well as track the progress of a job as workers check off tasks in the program.

While technology will never (and shouldn’t) replace human maintenance and cleaning workers, things like digital janitors, smart technology and innovative cleaning programs can go a long way to increase efficiency and allow you to get the most from your office cleaning dollars.