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Tips for Keeping Your Granite Counters Like New

Tips For Keeping Your Granite Counters Like New

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, this natural stone requires a little special care to keep it looking new for decades to come.

How to keep your granite counters clean

1. Keep the counters free from dirt and grime. Dirt and food particles are not only unsanitary if allowed to accumulate on your counters, but they can act as an abrasive and scratch the surface of your granite counters. Avoid this by being diligent about keeping those counters dirt free.

2. Avoid strong cleansers. Acidic cleansers, even vinegar or glass cleaners, can break down the granite over time. In addition, avoid scrubbers or abrasives as they can scratch your counters. Use a pH neutral cleanser and a soft cloth instead.

3. Blot stains. Blot up stains immediately using a soft cloth. Avoid wiping the spilled liquid as this can spread the stain around the granite and actually magnify the problem. Although the sealant on the granite will repel most stains, make sure to clean the spill up promptly so that the stain doesn’t sink into the stone.

4. Don’t subject your granite to extreme hot and cold temperatures. While granite can withstand extreme heat and cold, the drastic change in temperature can damage the stone. For this reason, you’ll want to avoid putting a hot pan down on a cool granite surface. Equally bad is putting pitchers of chilled beverages down on a room-temperature granite counter.

5. Use coasters for glasses and glass containers. The condensation that comes with using cold liquids in glass containers can stain or otherwise mar your granite counter. Prevent this by always placing a coaster underneath the glass or glass container.

Keeping your granite counters looking like new doesn’t have to be a major project. All you need to do is wipe the counters frequently, avoid strong cleansers and blot (not wipe) stains promptly.