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5 Indoor Plants That Help Improve Air Quality

Indoor plants are beautiful, and they add decorative elements to any room. They are also helpful for cleaning and improving the air quality of your home. Most plants release oxygen into the air, but there are some powerhouses that can…

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How to Care for Your Concrete Floors and Countertops

Concrete is one of the most popular materials today for surfaces ranging from countertops to flooring. It’s easy to see why. Concrete is durable, seamless, heat-resistant and versatile. It’s also very easy to keep looking beautiful for decades...if you know…

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The Best Luxe Green Cleaning Tips

When you are cleaning your home, you want all of your products to not only do the job well, but leave your home spotlessly beautiful. Elegant. Sparkling. Perfection. Plus, it's not too much to ask for you to choose environmentally…

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