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Cleaning Tips for Large Window

Cleaning Tips For Large Window

Oversized windows let in light, allow you to soak in the views and serve as stunning centerpieces for homes and offices. But, dust and fingerprints can blur the beauty of large windows. With a few tried-a-true strategies and a little professional help, you can make smudged windows a thing of the past. 

Adopt a hands-off policy

The best way to keep the gleam in your windows is to resist the urge to touch them. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Oversized windows pull you into the view, especially in a city as mesmerizing as Manhattan.  Even when you aren’t staring out at the city, with your hands on the glass, everyday actions can trick you into touching. Adjusting the blinds, drawing the curtains and opening the panes, can leave behind unsightly smudges. It’s especially important to keep tiny children’s hands and puppy noses away from the glass, to the extent possible. 

Regular spot cleaning

Daily, or weekly, spot cleaning is a necessity for keeping oversized windows looking their sparkly best. Fingerprints contain oil, which can attract dust and dirt to the glass, creating a significant mess if left unchecked. Most standard commercial glass cleaners (which may also contain harmful chemicals) will not effectively cut through oils which are transferred from the skin. However, an eco-friendly DIY mixture of warm water, vinegar and lemon juice is the perfect solution for quick cleanups.  Wipe the mixture over the glass with a soft, white microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels, which can shed fibers and leave bits of wet paper clinging to the glass. Once the cleaning is done, use a squeegee to remove excess water and prevent streaks. 

Frequent professional cleaning

In addition to daily spot cleaning, oversized windows benefit from the professional touch for complete cleaning. Ideally, professional window cleaning should be scheduled four times each year, with the changing of the seasons. At the least, windows should be professionally cleaned twice yearly. The start of spring is the perfect time to remove the grime left behind by harsh winter weather. Before the holiday season, a second cleaning will have your windows ready for party guests and will let in the lights of the festive season. 

Keep It Up can help you set up and stick to a window cleaning schedule. Whether you need help with weekly touchups or seasonal deep cleans, we are your partner in keeping your oversized window sparkling.