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Importance of Post Construction Cleaning Services

Importance Of Post Construction Cleaning Services

Constructions and remodelings can be a bit messy,  and sometimes contractors do not include the after cleanup of the area in their scope of work. Post-construction cleanup is more than just mopping there is a lot of dust, debris, and construction materials that must be removed and cleaned to ensure the space is ready to deliver and safe to move in. A professional cleaning company has the job to make sure all the construction site is left to perfection.

Post Construction Cleaning Phases

1. Rough Interior Cleaning

There are three steps of post-construction cleaning. The first is rough interior cleaning, where all construction debris is removed and the floors are prepared for either carpet or flooring. 

2. Final Interior Cleanup

This is the process of sweeping all the floors, cleaning all fixtures and appliances, windows, dusting, etc.

3. Exterior Cleaning

This last phase of post-construction includes removing the excess lumber, trash, and debris from the construction site. Sometimes it may also include washing the exterior of the windows, cleaning concrete, and walkways. There is also touch-up cleaning, which is done about a week later for any additional dust or dirt that might have settled. 

Finding an experienced post-construction cleaning company with a great team and process to get the job done is hard to find. Luckily in New York, you can trust a great post-construction cleaning company service with Keep It Up. We can help you restore the order and harmony of your home or office with our specialized post-construction cleaning service. Not only will our crew clean every inch of remodeled space and safely remove debris, but also ensure the area is in perfect move-in condition when you open the doors. Our company has worked on many remodeling projects, both big and small, alongside New York’s finest designers. Contact us today to learn more!