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Most important areas that need cleaning before Christmas

Most Important Areas That Need Cleaning Before Christmas

A year has passed and sweet December is almost here! This month brings one of the most beloved holidays…Christmas! As the last two years have been uncertain and with many restrictions regarding the global pandemic, now thanks to vaccines and science people are traveling and coming back to the new normal. Therefore this Christmas will be one to cherish and celebrate with the entire family and friends. Having your home clean must be one of your top priorities to avoid germs and bacteria. We know cleaning during the busiest time of the year can be overwhelming, but here is a quick guide on what areas to tackle first to avoid worries and stress.

Living room and kitchen
These two areas will be the most transited if you are hosting the Christmas or New Years’ dinner. The living room will host the Christmas tree and will gather family and friends, therefore it’s important to begin by clearing the space for the tree. Vacuum floors and carpets and don’t forget about the windows! At Keep It Up we know all about window cleaning and are glad to give you a hand with it. You will probably use the oven in your kitchen multiple times, it’s important to give it a good deep clean before and after using it. Another great tip is clearing your refrigerator with expired food and reorganizing the space.

Guest Bedrooms and bathrooms
The next areas that need a good clean for Christmas are the guest bedrooms and bathrooms. A good idea is to ensure the bedrooms are ready at least one week before visitors arrive. Dust the mattress, put on some clean and festive sheets, fresh towels, etc. It’s important to clean and move heavy items such as the bed, chairs, and shelves since lost items and a lot of dust tend to accumulate behind them. Since there will be a lot of people walking around the house, keeping bathrooms clean is key to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all. These include cleaning the shower, sink, toilet, and the hidden parts that are hard to get to. Fortunately, at Keep It Up, we have all the tools and eco-friendly products to clean all the areas of your home with no problem.

Having your home ready for Christmas takes a lot of planning, and it is best to start now. We know you are busy during this time of the year with all the decoration going on, gifts to buy, food to prepare, and more. Schedule an appointment with us so we can take over the home cleaning and make you worry about one less thing on your list. With our amazing staff and eco-friendly products, we’ll leave your home ready in no time.