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Reasons to hire professional cleaning experts for marble floor care

Reasons To Hire Professional Cleaning Experts For Marble Floor Care

Adding a touch of marble to the home is a sign of luxury and exceptional elegance. This type of material has a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Although it makes a home look fabulous it also requires certain care when cleaning. Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to have a professional cleaning expert take care of your marble floors.

Stains can ruin many floors, and marble floors are no exception. They can also be hard to remove, thus thinking that using strong chemical products will do the trick. However, the truth is to avoid ruining your marble floor, stains must be removed with certain care. Try not to wipe or smear the spill as this could cause it to spread more. Instead, use water and mild soap to rinse it off immediately. To remove etch marks you can add some marble polishing powder. Tips can be helpful but if you want your marble floor to be kept long-term, having a professional clean your flooring is best.

Marble flooring is very sensitive to acid substances, therefore using aggressive products such as vinegar and lemon can corrode your beautiful flooring. Vacuums or brushes can scratch the flooring, and although your might does not have the required instruments it is best to have a professional regular cleaning take care of the floor instead of having it ruined and replaced (it can be expensive).

Cleaning Frequency
The frequency depends on the amount of traffic in the house or the dirt noticeable. It is recommended to deep clean your marble flooring at least once a month. Marble floors when dirty are the opposite of elegant as the glossiness turns to a sticky and dull texture. Professional home cleaners know about certain products and tricks to not damage your floor. For example, using a stone soap specially formulated for marble, or a phosphate-free dishwashing detergent.

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