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3 Ways to Go Green this Fall in Your Home

3 Ways To Go Green This Fall In Your Home

With a slight chill in the air and the changing colors of the trees, fall has arrived. There is something about this season that awakens a desire to connect with nature and go on long rustic walks. If you reside in a big city, embracing nature has its barriers. Silver high-rises and the occasional tree or flower bush are not what you imagined when natural scenery comes to mind. Rather than viewing living in a big city as an obstacle on your path to nature, see it as an opportunity to be one with the earth by other means. 

​1. Reusable Shopping Bags 
The easiest steps in going green can sometimes be the most impactful, for you and for the environment. A few examples are eliminating plastic straws, keeping one water bottle, and storing food in glass jars. The commonality in all the previous examples is they are a part of lowering waste in homes. Lowering waste in your home is recycling or reusing items for later purposes with the intention of limiting the amount of trash you throw away each day and minimizing pollution. Reusable shopping bags are a simple gateway into decreasing waste. When you make reusable bags part of your normal shopping experience, you are making a positive impact. You are protecting wildlife such as turtles who may mistake a plastic bag for food. You are conserving resources. You are also saving disposal costs for your city. Fun fact: if every person in New York City used one less grocery bag a year, it will cut waste by 5 million pounds and save $250,000 in disposal costs. 

​2. Energy-Saving Light bulbs
​You may have heard about how turning off lights in rooms you are not using saves energy. That is true, but there is a more efficient way of conserving energy. Traditional light bulbs waste 90% of their energy giving off heat instead of producing light. Transitioning from traditional light bulbs to energy-saving light bulbs is proven to help reduce how much greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere because they do not contain any harmful chemicals and are easier to recycle. They also last longer. Some energy-saving light bulbs can last up to three years. Three years of decreasing emissions, conserving energy, and saving you some money. A few try to argue environmentally-friendly bulbs cost more, which is further from the truth. These bulbs cost less than traditional lightbulbs and lower your electricity expenses due to how efficient they are. Energy-saving light bulbs help you better the planet and your home. 
​3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Services 
Cleaning products are known to have chemicals harmful to both the environment and to yourself. The ingredients in those products may work in getting rid of tough messes in your home. After the products are used, you are left with the aftermath. You have to inhale those chemicals while they remain in the air long after their use. Absorbing these toxins are proven to create negative effects on your breathing and your digestion. If you have sensitive skin, then those same toxins can develop rashes or other irritations. Outside your home, these products cause significant damage to air and water pollution. Switching to green cleaning products is an impactful step to protecting yourself and Mother Nature. Eco-friendly cleaning products lack chemicals unsafe for people. They do not leave behind any lasting health damages. They hold no risk to polluting the air or water since their ingredient are natural. Cleaning services who prioritize green cleaning are ones to look out for such. They selected products proven to clean productively without risking yours and the environment’s health. 

Eco-friendly cleaning services like Keep It Up always select their cleaning products carefully. These products are better for the environment and for everyone’s health. When you want to show more of your green thumb, then hiring Keep It Up and their environmentally friendly products is the best option!