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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for All Businesses

Spring cleaning is an important tradition in many homes and should also be just as important in a work environment. It doesn't matter what size the company is or what industry it represents; the cleanliness of the surroundings should be a continual…

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Business Travel Is Even Easier With Our Cleaning Services

Even in today's modern world, face-to-face meetings are a must. Traveling to another place in person means a chance to directly engage with others in way that is nearly impossible even with Skype and emails. Such business travel, perhaps most importantly, helps forge…

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How Does a Clean Work Environment Increase Productivity?

Removing toxic cleaning supplies from your work environment can result in several positive changes. Many people don't understand the effect that the toxins in common cleaning supplies has on employees who work in the office. Eliminating toxic cleaners and replacing them…

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How Can Green Living Improve an Office Environment?

Green living can extend far outside our homes. We can also implement eco-friendly practices within the workplace. Eliminating toxins and contaminants found in common cleaning supplies and installing HEPA filters in heating and cooling units can reduce our exposure to dangerous airborne pathogens…

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Benefits of Green Cleaning in Business Environments

Many commercial cleaning services in New York use harsh chemicals and solvents in their equipment. At Keep It Up, our solutions are eco-friendly with less harmful residue and fewer airborne contaminants. We formulate our cleaning solutions to provide the deepest…

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