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Maintaining Your High-End Luxury Finishes

Luxury finishes exude style and class. They also demand an educated touch when it comes to keeping them clean and well maintained. You can’t simply clean these beautiful finishes with just any product or tool. The following will cover some…

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5 Fall Cleaning Tips

Although spring is normally the time for a big clean up, breaking up the work can make it easier to keep your house tidy. Fall is a great time to get rid of dirt and grime that has built up…

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How to Keep an All-White Bathroom Clean

There is an undeniable charm to an all-white bathroom. It's simple, clean and elegant. Like a gallery, a white bathroom shows off the decor that you add to the walls. However, a white bathroom with mold-stained grout and dirty floors…

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Cleaning Strategies for People Who Are Busy

Do you daydream about having an HGTV-worthy house? A clean and organized house is something that almost everyone wants. However, when your days are full, it is hard to keep up with housekeeping. If you don’t clean on a regular…

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Tips for Keeping Your Granite Counters Like New

Granite is one of the most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. However, this natural stone requires a little special care to keep it looking new for decades to come. How to keep your granite counters clean 1. Keep the…

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How to Clean Bamboo Flooring

Gorgeous, environmentally friendly and more water resistant than traditional woods, bamboo flooring is a popular choice for New York City's luxury apartments. To ensure it looks great for years, learn how to properly care for it. Bamboo is a sustainable resource…

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4 Spring Cleaning Tips for All Businesses

Spring cleaning is an important tradition in many homes and should also be just as important in a work environment. It doesn't matter what size the company is or what industry it represents; the cleanliness of the surroundings should be a continual…

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Are Eco-friendly Cleaning Supplies Effective?

You may not give much thought to the ingredients that are in the cleaning products that you use in your home. But, if you stop to think about what's in a container, you would probably stop using these products immediately.…

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