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5 Ways to Use Baking Soda for a Sparkling Home

5 Ways To Use Baking Soda For A Sparkling Home

Baking soda is great for more than just baking! It is a superstar just waiting to come out of the pantry to help you with your everyday cleaning and beauty routine. You’ll be surprised how many ways baking soda can replace many of your favorite products — and even do a better job! It naturally cleans, deodorizes and neutralizes odors. At Keep It Up, we specialize in eco-friendly cleaning. Let’s look at a few ways you can use baking soda in between your professional cleanings. Here are five ways to use baking soda for a clean, sparkling home.

  1. Countertop and sink cleaner: Sprinkle baking soda onto counters, bathtubs and sinks. Rinse and  wipe with a clean damp cloth, and your surfaces will shine. A baking soda paste will not scratch or damage surfaces. For more stubborn stains, repeat this process. To maintain sparkling counters and sinks, use this solution daily.
  2. Refrigerator and closet deodorizer:  Open a box of baking soda and place it in a refrigerator, freezer or even a closet to neutralize odors. Replace every 30 days. Sprinkle the old baking soda down the drain to clean and deodorize the garbage disposal, or sprinkle in the garbage can to neutralize odors.
  3. Microwave and  oven cleaner:  Create a solution of water, baking soda and white vinegar and wipe away all the spills and splashes inside your microwave and oven. If the stains are stubborn and baked on, allow the solution to work overnight. 
  4. Fruit and vegetable cleaner: Add some baking soda to water, soak fruits and vegetables for five to 10 minutes, and rinse well to thoroughly remove dirt, bacteria and chemicals. Allow produce to air dry. 
  5. Carpet deodorizer:  Sprinkle baking soda on rugs and carpet, let set for a few minutes, and vacuum to deodorize and refresh. For pet accidents and other liquid spills, apply a generous amount of baking soda directly on the stain until the liquid is absorbed, and remove with paper towels. When area is completely dry, sprinkle more baking soda onto stained area and vacuum.