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Are Environmentally Friendly Cleaners As Effective As Their Toxic Counterparts

Are Environmentally Friendly Cleaners As Effective As Their Toxic Counterparts

Environmentally friendly cleaners are just as effective as their toxic counterparts. While harsh chemicals may be able to provide a deep clean, they often leave behind strong odors and a residue that covers the surfaces of your counters and other furniture. Non-toxic cleaners made with natural cleaning agents work just as well and leave behind a naturally fresh fragrance. They are formulated to be extremely effective as well as safe for your children and pets.

Natural Ingredients Have Antiseptic Properties

Many of the natural ingredients found in non-toxic cleaning supplies have antiseptic properties that break down bacteria and kill germs that can otherwise linger for days. Using non-toxic cleaners on a regular basis keeps bacteria and other biologics from growing on your surfaces. They can be used whenever necessary without leaving behind a strong scent or nasty residue.

Pleasant Aroma

Non-toxic cleaning supplies also have natural elements that are very fragrant. Both lemon and lavender, for example, have antiseptic qualities and each provides a unique fragrance to help keep your home or office smelling fresh and clean. Lavender is known to be helpful for relaxation and can be used throughout your home. Many have other natural essences added to them to enhance the fragrance and keep your home smelling great.

Natural Enzymes Cut Grease With No Residue

Natural enzymes found in many non-toxic cleaners can break down grease so that it is easily wiped away with no nasty residue. This means environmentally friendly cleaners can be used on your kitchen and bathroom surfaces without fear of harming your family if they come in contact with it. They are strong on grease but extremely safe for your family and your furniture.

Environmentally friendly cleaning supplies are extremely effective and will keep your home and office clean and smelling as fresh as possible. They are non-toxic and can be used everywhere in your home. They are formulated to provide the deepest possible clean while having little impact on the environment.