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Are Germs Hiding In Your Workspace?

Are Germs Hiding In Your Workspace?

Be it at a corporate skyscraper in Manhattan or your home office, you probably spend the bulk of your time in your workspace. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how important it is that our living and working environments are sanitary and free of germs. But, even when everything looks clean, bacteria may be lurking in your workspace. Read on and learn the places illness-causing germs can hide. 

Keyboards and Mice

From typing emails to creating invoices and surfing the web, your workday centers around your computer and tech equipment.  Constant touching makes keyboards and mice prime real estate for germs and bacteria, which are transferred to and from your hands as you work.  Reduce germs’ spread by wiping down computer peripherals at least daily and giving them a thorough cleaning every week. But, proceed with caution, since many cleaning products can damage expensive technology equipment. To find the best cleaning solution for the situation, consult with your IT department and a professional cleaning service. 


Similar to keyboards and mice, telephones harbor germs due to near-constant use and infrequent cleaning. Bacteria on telephones are an even more significant concern because they are delivered directly to your face while you carry on conversations. While stationary desk phones are problematic, mobile phones may be the biggest offenders since they are often tossed onto desks and into handbags. Frequent cleaning is the best remedy, but you’ll need to proceed carefully. Many commercial cleaning products contain harmful chemicals, which are especially inappropriate for telephones. Since anything used to clean a phone will eventually come into contact with delicate facial skin and can be breathed in during calls, opting for non-toxic, eco-friendly solutions is especially important. In a spray bottle, mix distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. Mist the mixture onto a soft, microfiber cloth and wipe down your phone. 


You have probably never given any real thought to doorknobs.  You use them dozens of times a day, but they blur into the background of your workday. However, doorknobs aren’t boring at all. Instead, they are some of the dirtiest secrets in your office. Since they are touched over and over again, by many people, as they enter the office from the urban environment or come and go from the restroom, door handles become a breeding ground for bacteria. To protect yourself, disinfect doorknobs daily and use hand sanitizer each time you enter or leave a room. 

Whether you work in a bustling building or a solitary home office, Keep It Up understands that a sanitary and tidy office is critical to your health and productivity. We can help you find the eco-friendly products that will keep germs at bay and set up a cleaning schedule that won’t distract from your workday.