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Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products Make a Difference for Sensitive Residents

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Products Make A Difference For Sensitive Residents

When you live or work in a luxury environment, you have earned the right to a certain level of comfort that comes from keeping things clean. You also want to stay healthy, and if you have already had health issues, having green cleaning products used around you is especially important. That’s a big part of why Keep It Up cleaning services are so important for your home or office. Our service is dedicated to using green products that don’t have environmentally toxic ingredients.

It’s Harder for Some People

There are people who have various environmental sensitivities that make exposure to toxic chemicals even more difficult than it is for the general population. Toxic chemicals that are in most cleaning products are largely unregulated, and the more these chemicals are mixed together on surfaces and in the air, the more likely they will have an adverse effect on the health of those using them, or those who are spending a great deal of time in places where they are used. Keep It Up uses safer alternatives in our products to help keep control of these irritants and makes things a bit easier for those with sensitivities, such as allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues. Traditional cleaning products are among the biggest triggers of symptoms, which can sideline many people, make them unproductive, and impede on their overall quality of life.

Toxic Chemicals Aren’t Good for Anyone

Even if using or being around toxic chemicals doesn’t have an obvious negative effect immediately, they can still be causing harm you don’t realize. Several environmental groups, including the National Environmental Trust, have conducted studies that reveal that the compounds used in common cleaning products not only cause respiratory issues but also contribute to various cancers and may even cause neurological issues. Regulations for these products and their labeling are weak, but companies that manufacture products that are more environmentally conscious alternatives are far more forthcoming with their labeling. Not only does this mean fewer health problems for those who live and work around where these products are used, but it also helps prevent further health problems to our planet, such as aquatic pollution, the depletion of the ozone layer, and climate change.

Keep It Up offers cleaning services for luxury homes and businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as the Palm Beach area. To learn more about how to benefit from our excellent cleaning staff as well as our environmentally conscious products, contact us in New England at 212-222-7304 or Palm Beach at 833-476-6463.