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How to Care for Your Concrete Floors and Countertops

How To Care For Your Concrete Floors And Countertops

Concrete is one of the most popular materials today for surfaces ranging from countertops to flooring. It’s easy to see why. Concrete is durable, seamless, heat-resistant and versatile. It’s also very easy to keep looking beautiful for decades…if you know the tricks on how to care for your concrete surfaces.

Tips for maintaining your concrete floors and counters

1. Use soap and water for daily cleanups. All you need to clean up after daily use is a mild soap and water. While concrete surfaces are stain-resistant, they are not impossible to stain, so it’s important to clean up spills as soon as possible. Mild dish soap and water will eliminate all but the most stubborn stains.

2. Use hydrogen peroxide and flour to remove stubborn stains. For really tough stains, combine 1 or 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of flour and mix into a paste. Place the paste directly on top of the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours. Remove the paste with a damp cloth, rubbing the stain as you go. 

3. Have your concrete sealed every two or three years. Since concrete is porous, it’s important to have your surface professionally sealed every two or three years to help it keep its stain-resistant qualities.

4. Wax your countertops. One good way to keep your concrete counters stain resistant between sealing treatments is to use car wax. This will not only give your surface a nice shine, but it will add a layer of protection between the counter and everything you put on top of it. Naturally, you don’t want to use heavy paste wax on your concrete floor as this can make them unnecessarily slippery.

5. Avoid using harsh cleaning products. Not only are harsh chemicals bad for the environment, but they can damage your concrete surfaces. Make sure to use gentle cleaners, preferably those made to be used on concrete.

While concrete surfaces may not be for everyone, this increasingly popular building material is easy to care for, looks beautiful for years to come and blends well with almost any architectural or design style.