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How to Store Seasonal Decorations to Use Year After Year

How To Store Seasonal Decorations To Use Year After Year

One way to celebrate holidays each year is by putting up decorations for each season or holiday. If decorating is something you love, then you may have purchased decorations for a holiday; then, either they break or you forget where you stored them. However, if you can adopt a simple method for storing your decorations, then you can use them for many years to come.

1. Check for damage before buying

If you want to keep decorations each year, make sure they are in good shape before you buy. That way you start out with a beautiful item.

2. Wrap with tissue paper or newspaper

If a decoration has its own box, then keep the box for storing it later. Otherwise, use old newsprint or tissue paper to wrap each item to protect it during storage.

3. Buy plastic storage bins to store decorations

Plastic storage bins are lightweight and you can see through the clear bottoms. By wrapping decorations, then storing them inside a plastic bin, the decorations will stay clean and protected.

4. Label each bin

Use a Sharpie to label each bin with a season, holiday or month of the year. Then you can store your decorations in the appropriate bin.

5. Rotate bins in your closet

Bins are uniform in shape and easy to stack. Put your current holiday in the front near the doorway, easy to reach. Then, when you’re done with that holiday or season, rotate it to the back or bottom. Then, your next holiday bin moves to the front.

6. Ask for help

There is no shame in asking for help when starting this storage system. Children or grandchildren will love helping to store their favorite decorations. You can bring back memories about each item as you put it away. If you have time to do more, you can start a diary of how you got each decoration for reading later on. During the holiday, you can bring out the diary and read some of the stories.