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Improving Work Productivity With an Organized Workspace

Improving Work Productivity With An Organized Workspace

No matter what field you’re in, having an organized workspace makes it easier to be productive. Whether your workspace has a desk at its center or not, these principles apply. Clutter can grow into mountains unless you have a system for organizing paperwork as soon as it arrives. The higher your clutter piles grow, the harder it is to be productive.

Start by Clearing Your Desk

Organization projects often fail because they’re done piecemeal. It’s actually easier to start with a clean desk. Then you can put everything in its proper place, starting with the most urgent items. The goal is to create a productive space that will make sense based on the way you process work. So, empty all your drawers, clean off your desktop and start with a clean slate.

Organize Your Desktop

Your workspace desktop is the most important part of your work area. Use these tips to organize the surface:

  • Computer – If your computer is your main work tool, then it should be front and center on your desk. Set your seat and keyboard at optimal heights so that you can sit comfortably and without awkward positioning. If you use your desk for face-to-face meetings, then put your computer on your dominant side.
  • Daily Use – Items that you use every day can stay on your desktop. Place them within reach on your dominant side.
  • File Placement – Create a filing system for your current work, which can remain on your desk. At the end of each day, clear all loose papers off your desk.
  • Personal Items – Personal items make your workspace more familiar, but they can clutter up your space. Just pick a few that you want to see every day.

Organize Desk Drawers

Once you clear your desktop, you’ll be able to determine what should be stocked in your drawers.

  • Daily Use – Place items you use twice a week or more in the front center drawer.
  • Dividers to Separate – Add drawer dividers to keep items in place and prevent them from piling up together.
  • Remove Unnecessary Clutter – Consider discarding any items that aren’t used frequently, or put them in a nearby cabinet.

By using these tips for organizing your desk, you can turn a cluttered workspace into a productive workstation.