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New Home? New Habits

New Home? New Habits

Whether you are buying or renting, a new home is a clean slate where everything is spotless and there is ample empty space. But will it stay that way? Moving into a new home is the perfect time to reevaluate your habits and create new routines that will suit your lifestyle and ensure that your home looks move-in-day perfect for years to come.

Find a spot for everything

At the end of the packing process, there are always a few items that just don’t seem to belong anywhere. Everything you own should have a spot it lives in whenever it is not in use. The key to preventing clutter is to establish zones within the homes for completing tasks and storing items. Before unpacking, consider where you will sort mail, charge electronic devices, workout, or complete paperwork. With zones established, use closet and drawer dividers to ensure everything has a designated spot. Then, commit to a “tidy as you go” approach in which you put everything away as soon as you are done using it.

Sort mail immediately

One of the largest sources of clutter in any home is mail. When you walk into your home with a handful of flyers and other junk mail, it is tempting to toss it on a counter while you focus on more important things. Instead, sort mail immediately, file important documents such as bank statements, and toss out anything unwanted. Even better, establish a habit of placing advertisements and junk mail into a recycling bin in your apartment lobby or outside your home without bringing it inside.

Take your shoes off

The first time you use keys to open the door to your new home, your carpets and hardwood floors will be pristine. But, as soon as you walk in, you start bringing dirt and grime from outdoors into your home and grinding it into your carpet. To keep your floors looking move-in-day clean, take your shoes off in the entryway each time you enter the door. Establishing a shoe-free household, and scheduling routine professional carpet cleaning, are the best ways to extend the life of your floors.

Start using eco-friendly cleaning products

Many cleaning products contain chemicals that can be toxic and have overpowering smells. Moving into a new home is an easy time to purge old cleaning products and to start using all-natural cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning services.

Schedule a professional cleaning service

Before moving day, contact a professional cleaning service and set up a schedule of services. When your cleaning services are in place from the day you move in, your home will always look pristine with no worry on your part.

Keep It Up can help keep your new home looking its best from the day you move in until the day you move out. Call today and set up a schedule for your new home.