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Designing and Keeping a Safe and Clean Office Space for Your Employees

Designing And Keeping A Safe And Clean Office Space For Your Employees

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, it was a big wake-up call for the world as priorities shifted toward protecting ourselves from the virus. While this has been challenging, and sometimes devastating, it has forced the working world to think outside the box, which could potentially lend itself to better, cleaner, and safer working environments post-pandemic. 

Clean Office Spaces Have Always Been a Priority

At Keep It Up in the New York tri-state area and Palm Beach, having clean and safe office spaces is not a new phenomenon. Not only do we strive to keep things clean and disinfected, but we do so by using effective products that are less likely to trigger individual allergies and sensitivities. In addition, our products are mindful of the environment, so they help protect against germs and disease without harming the earth. Just because one virus is dominating headlines doesn’t mean we are off the hook when it comes to staying protected from the others.

Pairing Remote and Office Work

For decades, much of office life has meant working in close quarters with coworkers, often with less than ideal ventilation systems. Much of this has led to higher instances of sick days, and too often employees coming to work sick because they can’t afford to take them. 

At Keep It Up, we support more spread-out environments that allow in-office and remote workers to work together without putting one another at risk. For many offices, rethinking the workspace has resulted in a bit of light construction in order to create the spacing necessary to meet CDC and various state safety requirements.

At Keep It Up, we excel in the post-construction cleaning process, and all our staff is highly trained in being safe and efficient in their processes. In addition, we can also provide training for your own office staff in order to help maintain a safe space on a daily basis. This includes helping you follow your company’s and CDC policies, such as keeping workstations six feet apart, regularly disinfecting high-touch surfaces, and encouraging or requiring mask use as needed.

Keep It Up provides luxury and environmentally safe cleaning solutions for residential and office spaces throughout the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut as well as Palm Beach, FL. To discuss your options for your home or office space, contact our New York office at 212-222-7304 or our Palm Beach location at 833-476-6463.