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Preparing the Office for Allergy Season

Preparing The Office For Allergy Season

With the blooming flowers and higher temperatures, comes allergy season. This time of year happens during the changing of the seasons or when there is a rise in pollen drifting in the air. Allergy season is especially hard for those who would rather be focusing on their work in the office than their allergies. No matter if your employees work from home or at the company’s headquarters, these tips are necessary to help prepare your business for allergy season. 

​Offer Protections to Employees 
Before allergy season becomes a problem in the office, be sure there is a station or designated area for employees to retrieve necessary items like tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizers. Even if they are working from home, send out care kits to employees and provide them with coupons to retrieve their own allergy medicine to keep at their desk. 

​Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products 
Commonly used cleaning products have a higher chance of triggering allergic reactions during allergy season. This is because the chemicals in these cleaning products are fragrant and have more allergy inducing toxins. Avoid this risk by switching to a corporate cleaning company who uses eco-friendly cleaning products. These products do not have allergy triggering toxins, and they come in both fragrant and non-fragrant options. 

​Keeping Windows Closed 
The warm weather and fresh air may feel nice for some employees, keeping a window open invites in pollen and other allergens into the office. Closing windows is a simple and easy procedure that guarantees employee safety, and removes potential dangers such as bugs, mold, and other bacteria from entering the office. 

​Regular Deep Cleaning 
Deep cleaning becomes a requirement when allergy season hits. The windows may be closed, but employees still walk into the office with outside allergens on their clothes and belongings. Once these allergens enter the office, another employee is bound to have an allergic reaction. Hiring a corporate cleaning company to regularly deep clean your office is the most recommended option. Their services will remove any leftover allergens and lurking bacteria, leaving the office clean and sanitized for the next workday.