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Reopening the Office? Give Your Employees the Healthy Workplace They Deserve

Reopening The Office? Give Your Employees The Healthy Workplace They Deserve

In 2020 everyone got thrown for a loop when Covid-19 became a problem. Schools closed, and so did a lot of offices because it hadn’t been decided the best way to keep people safe. A few guidelines were given right away, like keeping things clean and disinfected and washing hands on a regular basis. It was suggested that people stay six feet apart, and avoid contact with anyone they knew had the virus. This meant a lot of workplace offices had to close in favor of remote work. 

While there are some upsides to remote work, running a functional office where supervisors can monitor the habits of employees and give direction is important. With more and more people receiving the vaccine, and with more people used to wearing face masks, more and more businesses are starting to open their offices, at least at a limited capacity. While the danger is not as big as it once was, it is still important to keep employees as safe and healthy as possible. And that means having a clean workspace.

Setting a New Standard Post-Pandemic

If you had several people working in an office before, chances are you had some help with at least basic cleaning, but as the world starts to reopen again, it is clear that it is time to step up our game. Not only do we need to keep things clean, but we also need to make sure products used to clean are safe for people and the environment. At Keep It Up in New York’s Tri-State area and in Palm Beach, these have both always been high priorities, and we offer many services that will help you get your business back in business the way you intended.

At Keep It Up, we offer office maintenance services, including getting the office organized. We offer staff training so staff that either cleans full time, or just does occasional cleaning know the best and most efficient methods. Post-construction cleaning and other maintenance cleanings are also offered. We do all this using earth-friendly products that are certified by the Green Clean Institute.

After working remotely for many months, the transition back to the office can be difficult for some employees, but having a clean and comfortable office to return to can ease overall anxiety and get your office back to being the healthy workplace your employees deserve. To learn more about all the services Keep It Up provides, contact us in the NY Tri-State Ares ( NY , NJ, CT) at 212-222-7304 or in Palm Beach at 833-476-6463 to get a quote today.