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The Best Cleansers for Crystal Pieces

The Best Cleansers For Crystal Pieces

Fine crystal is extremely delicate. When you need to clean your crystal, there are two things to remember. Hand-washing crystal is the best way to prevent any type of damage or breakage. Washing each piece one at a time prevents pieces from being put too close together. It also allows you to make sure they are completely clean before you set them up to dry.

Hand Washing Is Best

Before you start washing your crystal, it’s a good idea to place a rubber mat on the bottom of the sink. This ensures the piece won’t be damaged if you drop it. Avoid twisting the crystal as delicate pieces may have a tendency to snap apart. The rim is one of the most delicate parts of your piece, so it’s important that you never place a glass or goblet on its rim. Instead, allow each piece to sit upright while it is drying. Never put your delicate crystal in a dishwasher. The extreme temperatures can cause the glass to break.

Avoid Bleach and Powerful Detergents

Bleach and other harsh cleaners can also damage crystal. If your crystal is colored, exposing it to bleach or other harsh cleaners can cause it to become discolored. Glass that has a color coating can be damaged rather easily if it is placed in a dishwasher. The extreme temperatures and the strong cleaners can actually remove the coating, causing your crystal to lose its color as well as its elegant appearance. 

The key to keeping your crystal looking its very best is to clean it properly using a mild cleanser like Castile soap or mild soap flakes in warm, not hot, water. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe surfaces. After wiping away the majority of the water with a soft, dry cloth, allow the piece to sit upright while it finishes drying. With a little love and care, your crystal will retain its elegant look for many years to come.