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The Most Forgotten Spots to Clean in Your Home

The Most Forgotten Spots To Clean In Your Home

Having a clean and tidy home is an accomplishment many people take pride in. A clean home symbolizes that you take care of your possessions and your living space. While you ensure the most obvious places are well-kept, there are spots around your home which seem to slip through the cracks when it is time to clean. 

Your doorknobs and door frames are some of the more overlooked spots in your home to clean. Since doorknobs are the most touched surfaces in your home, not including them in your regular cleaning will allow them to build up grime and dirt. Door frames are popular areas for dust and mold to gather, and can impact the air quality of your home.

Underneath Appliances 
All the scraps and crumbs missed by the vacuum cleaner reside underneath your kitchen appliances like your refrigerator and stove. Overtime, these fallen scraps attract bugs, rodents, and various types of mold. If not taken care of accordingly, these problems can expand to other areas of your home.

​Behind Your Toilet 
This space in your home cannot be ignored any longer, no matter how much you try. Behind the toilet is where dust, grime, and water come together. The bacteria and viruses that grow from these areas can cause infections and other health concerns when not cleaned regularly. 

From remote controls to light switches, these are important spaces you do not want to miss when cleaning. Germs tend to remain on these surfaces longer since they are the most used items in your home. An infected remote can be the source of a cold spreading throughout your home. 

​Toothbrush Holder 
No matter how big or how small, every spot in your bathroom should be clean, including your toothbrush holder. Every little bacteria that wafts in your bathroom air will land on your toothbrush and on your toothbrush holder. Which is why keeping this item clean will prove to be beneficial to your health. 

Forgetting certain areas of your home are clean at all times is a tough job to handle on your own. Keep It Up will gladly lift this weight off your shoulders and offer regularly scheduled cleaning for your home. They ensure no space in your home is forgotten and left spotless.