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3 Edible Centerpieces That Will Wow Guests and Show Your Good Taste

3 Edible Centerpieces That Will Wow Guests And Show Your Good Taste

Double up your decorating by creating quick, easy and impressive edible centerpieces. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing weekend gathering with a few friends or celebrating a special occasion with hundreds, an edible centerpiece is always a crowd-pleaser. Edible decorations are trending in home fashion and entertaining and are a charming, environmentally friendly way to add color and beauty to a table. Here are three creative ideas that will wow your guests and show your good taste.

Charcuterie and Cheese Board 

Create a centerpiece with a combination of different foods that you have in your pantry. Gather different cheeses, cold cut meats, cracker assortments, and a variety of fruits, olives, and nuts. Gather jarred mustard, dips, hummus, and jam. Using your favorite cutting board, serving tray or platter, arrange the foods into attractive groups. Use your creativity and cover the entire board, designing a beautifully delicious centerpiece. Tip: Adorn the final platter with a few sprigs of rosemary, parsley or mint to complete your edible masterpiece.

Olive and Pickle Perfection

Olives and pickles are a delicious dynamic duo and make a lovely edible centerpiece. Stack two cake stands to create height and dimension. They don’t have to match or be the same size. Fill small bowls with an assortment of pitted olives (black, green, Kalamata) and an assortment of different pickles (dill, sweet, hot) into small bowls. Arrange the olives on one cake stand and the pickles on the other. In between each bowl, display groups of toothpicks for serving. Tip: Create handwritten place cards that describe what is in each bowl. 

Sweet Cupcake Bouquet 

This crafty centerpiece is delightful. Select a decorative bucket or flowerpot and fill with a Styrofoam ball. Insert large toothpicks into the Styrofoam. Take decoratively iced cupcakes that resemble flowers and slide them over the toothpicks, creating a bouquet. Fold green tissue paper and slide it in between the cupcakes to create faux leaves and cover any visible Styrofoam. Tip: Display multiple cupcake bouquets featuring different flavors to create a fabulous, mouthwatering centerpiece.