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3 New Year’s resolutions for your home

3 New Year’s Resolutions For Your Home

Every new year most people make resolutions about their appearance, their job, their lifestyle, their travel, or even financial situations. But what about a resolution set for your home? Perhaps it’s time to add a resolution to make your home a more clean, safe, and beautiful place to be. Here are the best new year’s resolutions for your home. 

1. Introduce a bold color

Resolutions don’t have to be about drastic changes, it can be something simple like retaking the project of changing the color of your home. You can begin the project by area instead of trying to tackle it at once. Some trendy colors include ivory, gray-blu, turquoise, mint green, mustard yellow, barn red, burgundy, and others. This can be a fun family or personal project you can accomplish within weeks. This will help give your home a fresh new feel! 

2. Purge your spaces and declutter

Creating real change in your home requires you to say goodbye to things you don’t need. These can be old things that don’t function well or things you’ve stored for the perfect occasion that never seems to come. After a while, our homes become packed with so many things to the point it gets overwhelming and they become forgotten objects. To make the process less daunting be organized about it and create a schedule to focus on one area at a time. Make sure to purge all spaces in the house like the kitchen pantry, closets, and other storage rooms. Home decor experts advise filling your home with objects that raise energy levels and removing broken things that drain your energy. 

3. Schedule maintenance jobs

Our homes need regular maintenance to be kept in a good state. Changes in the season can cause some deterioration in the home, especially rain and cold weather. It’s important to keep an eye on both indoors and outdoors. Perhaps a good idea is to make a list of things that need cleaning or renovation. This can be the air conditioning, windows, closets, and cabinets, laundry room, changing light bulbs, chimney, etc. Many times regular maintenance can be as simple as hiring a professional cleaning company to go over the entire house and clean all the layers and corners of it. 

Your home should feel light and safe, and perhaps there are still many pending activities you could not get done this year. Write them down and organize a schedule to accomplish your new years home resolution.