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3 Reasons Why Clean Enough Isn’t Clean Enough

3 Reasons Why Clean Enough Isn’t Clean Enough

We all live busy lives, and keeping everything as clean as we should isn’t always easy. Even when we try to pick up after ourselves or hire someone to help with basic cleaning, there can be gaps in quality that could be a cause for concern. While things might look “fine” if we just straighten things out again, germs and bacteria are left behind in basic cleaning that can leave people who live and work in those spaces vulnerable to illness. When it comes right down to it, clean enough really isn’t clean enough. Here are some reasons why.

Proper Dusting Is Often Not Included

When residents or employees do basic cleaning, even many who are hired to clean, getting surfaces properly dusted is often a step that gets left behind, and that’s a problem. When dust samples were collected and analyzed, it was found that hundreds of varieties of bacteria were present even in a small sample, including staphylococcus and streptococcus, and many, many more species. Getting a deeper clean can get rid of much more of these bacteria and help keep your home or office safe.

Rushing Leaves Gaps in Quality

When you are just trying to make things look good for appearance, you may not fully wipe down all surfaces. In some cases, if something looks fine to the naked eye, it might not be clean at all, leaving many germs and bacteria behind. It also leaves anyone spending time in that space vulnerable to potential germs and viruses that are breeding on surfaces or in the air.

Good Products Make a Difference

Getting quality, environmentally safe products isn’t always an easy task. Even when you get help with your cleaning, some companies may use cleaning products that are not safe for humans and pets. At Keep It Up in the Tri-State Area and Palm Beach, our cleaning products are certified by the Green Clean Institute and are proven to be both safe and effective whether we are cleaning someone’s home, an office, or are cleaning up after construction. Our staff also trains other office staff to help assure that a deep clean feeling can be sustained. We teach efficient methods, so your spaces can stay consistently clean.

To learn more about all the services Keep It Up provides, contact us in the Tri-State area at 212-222-7304 or in Palm Beach at 833-476-6463 to get a quote for your project today.