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Cleaning Tips for New Parents: Part 1

Cleaning Tips For New Parents: Part 1

Becoming a new parent is an incredible and exhilarating experience. As you wait patiently for your newborn to arrive, you are doing whatever you can to be as prepared as possible for them. Once they are here, you then do what you can to keep them happy and healthy. In probably every parenting book, you read how important it is to keep a clean home when you have a newborn. These cleaning tips can help you tidy up your home before and after the baby makes their grand entrance. 

Make a Cleaning Schedule 

When struggling to find time to clean up the house, a schedule becomes a necessary tool. Your daily and nightly routines are going to change rapidly after the baby arrives, so finding time to tidy up your home will be a challenge for some time. A recommended way to lay out the schedule would be to try to clean when the baby is asleep during the day. Since newborns do not sleep for long, choose one or two tasks that can be completed in a limited amount of time. 

Clean Up Before the Baby Arrives 

A newborn does not have a strong immune system yet and cannot get certain vaccines until they are older. During the days leading up to the due date, do a deep clean of your entire home. Pay extra attention to the nursery and rooms where the baby will most likely be spending their time in. A deep clean before the baby comes sets the foundation for your cleaning schedule after the baby arrives. 

Bring in Additional Help 

Sometimes things are not going to go as planned. The baby may arrive earlier than you expect or at a time when you have not already deep cleaned your home. Hiring professional cleaning services wipes away the worries of not having a sanitized home for your baby to come back to. Professional cleaning services, like Keep It Up, use cleaning products safe for everyone, especially newborns. On your way home, you can put all your focus on your newborn instead of thinking about when you have to clean.