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4 Benefits of Recurring Residential House Cleaning Services

4 Benefits Of Recurring Residential House Cleaning Services

There is nothing more refreshing than a spotless household. However, as a busy New Yorker, you likely have more pressing things to do than concern yourself with household chores. Simplify your life by employing the cleaning professionals at Keep It Up for recurring residential cleaning services. We can come every day to tidy up, every other day, once a week, or on a custom schedule to suit your needs best. Here are four benefits of scheduling regular house cleaning with us.

1. Superior, Eco-Friendly House Cleaning

Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to keeping your home dust-free and thoroughly sanitized, so it will look and smell clean and fresh for your family and guests. We are passionate about healthy cleaning practices and will only use environmentally friendly products that have earned the prestigious Green Seal logo.

2. We Understand High-End Home Items

When you allow our team to be your New York cleaning service of choice, we keep detailed records concerning any high-end luxury furnishings, antiques, rare collectibles, artwork and specialty draperies. With our recurring services, you’ll know that our professionals understand your specific needs before even arriving.

3. More Time to Do What You Love

Our staff undergoes rigorous background checks and screening processes, so you can feel completely comfortable with our team members in your home. There’s no need for you to hang around during service with our trustworthy cleaning team, so you can spend your free time any way you like and let us do the work.

4. Professional Results Every Time — Guaranteed

One of the best aspects of recurring cleaning services in New York with Keep It Up is that we get to know your personal preferences and keep detailed logs so that every professional that comes to your home understands your needs. That’s why our staff can handle certain organizational tasks in addition to cleaning services if you like. You will get exceptional results every time, and we guarantee our work will leave you 100 percent satisfied.

Whether your home is in a loft or high-rise complex or is freestanding, rely on our recurring house cleaning services to keep it sparkling clean and organized while you handle your work or simply relax.