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Psychologists Find That a Clean Home Has a Positive Effect on Well-Being

Psychologists Find That A Clean Home Has A Positive Effect On Well-Being

Have you noticed that when your home is clean, you feel happier and more relaxed? Science has found a strong link between happiness and cleanliness. Numerous studies have shown that having a clean home is good for you. A study conducted by the University of California-Los Angeles discovered that women who described their home as unfinished or cluttered had increased levels of depression — and were unhappier in their marriages. Women who felt that their home was cleaner were happier.

Indiana University conducted a study that looked at the relationship between physical health and a clean home. People with messier homes were more likely to be at an increased risk of heart disease. Research participants who had a cleaner home were more active and healthier overall.

study by the National Sleep Foundation demonstrated that people are much more likely to report getting a good night’s sleep when their beds are made each morning. Participants also slept more comfortably when their sheets were clean and fresh. The reason is that clean sheets likely reduce allergens that can negatively impact sleep.

There’s a definite connection between a clean home and good mental and physical health. How do psychologists explain this link? They believe that it’s biological. Our internal neurochemical and physiological systems are well organized. Without this regulation, our bodies would shut down. Psychologists think that we crave cleanliness and organization in our homes because it mirrors the same organization within our bodies.

If cleanliness and organization are so beneficial, then why is it so hard to keep the house clean? The following things often stand in the way of a tidy home:

  • Not enough time – Cleaning takes a lot of time. With the pressures of daily life, it can be tough to get everything done each day.
  • Health issues – Many people have health issues that prevent them from cleaning. Regular housework can be very physically demanding.
  • Not knowing how to adequately clean – Maintaining good cleanliness in a home is harder than you might think.

Since a clean home is so important, what is the solution for overcoming the above issues? One very useful way to keep your home clean is to hire a cleaning service. Professional cleaners are well worth the money. Having a clean, neat house will help keep you happier and more productive. You’ll feel much better when everything is clean and organized.