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Apartment Cleaning Tips: Part 2

Apartment Cleaning Tips: Part 2

For as small as apartments can be, they can become messy quite quickly. All it takes is some clothes on the floor and dust on the coffee table to transform an apartment into an untidy living space. Because of their size and location, apartments need another type home cleaning. Here is the second part of helpful tips for apartment cleaning. 

​1. Use Baskets to Organize 
As stated before, apartments are small. This means that organizing belongings to a manner where everything fits in place is difficult. Baskets are a simple and effective method to organizing items in petite spaces. Shoes for example are both easy and hard to tidy up. Put them in a basket on the closet floor to save room. Limited counter space is normal for apartments. Use a basket for toiletries to either put under the sink or on a shelf. Baskets are perfect for everything. 

​2. Pick Up and Put Away 
One dropped shirt on the floor leads to a pile of clothes on the floor, and that pile will continue to grow. This does not only apply to clothing. This applies to books, shoes, and any other items that are left somewhere where they do not belong. Set a daily reminder to pick up and put away anything that is not where it is supposed to be. This will stop clutter from piling up, and make the apartment tidier than it was before. 

​3. Regularly Deep Clean 
Apartment residents may clean their apartment regularly, but how often do they deep clean their home. The gist of a deep clean is to scrub and wipe down the entire apartment. Most residents do not have the time or the products to undergo a deep clean of their apartment on their own. To complete this task of home cleaning, the resident must hire a professional cleaning service. These experts have the resources to make an apartment shine. By hiring them regularly, the apartment will never lose that sparkle.