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Top Tips to Wow Your Holiday Guests

Top Tips To Wow Your Holiday Guests

‘Tis the season for hosting! Soon, friends and family will be flooding into your home for holiday parties, cocktail hours and weekend stays. Are you and your home ready for all the extra people? Hosting guests, whether they are in for an hour or a week, calls for special touches and extra care. With these tips, you are sure to impress all of your holiday guests.

Schedule an eco-friendly cleaning service

It all starts with an impeccably clean home. When you schedule a party or offer to host an overnight guest, the first thing you must do is ensure you have a cleaning service scheduled. But, there is a bit of a trick here. To really wow your guests, you want it to look as if your home is always perfectly clean, without revealing that your cleaning service just walked out of the door. An eco-friendly service will use naturally derived products that will leave your home looking and smelling fresh, without the overwhelming odor of chemical cleaning products.

Show them where to stow their belongings

Cocktail party guests will arrive laden with handbags and winter coats while overnight guests will be hauling luggage. Either way, having a spot to hang outerwear and put away their things will make everyone feel welcome. For dinner or cocktail parties, designate a seldom-used room as the temporary storage area. Bring in rolling racks with hangers to organize coats and bags, without needing to toss anything over a chair or onto a bed. For overnight guests, ensure there are empty drawers and hanging space in the guestroom closet for unpacking.

Serve a welcome drink

Whether they have taken a taxi across town or endured a long flight, your guests deserve a warm welcome with a festive drink. For party guests, greet them at the door with trays of the evening’s signature cocktail or Champagne. For overnight guests, offer a choice or sparkling water or a festive cocktail. As soon as everyone has arrived, give a heartfelt toast to welcome them into your home.

Send them home with a treat

Parting might be sweet sorrow, but it’s even sweeter with a to-go treat. Send party guests away with a prettily packaged breakfast bite, such as a muffin or popover, in a flavor reminiscent of the evening’s meal. As overnight guests say goodbye, present them with a chilled bottle of water and a gourmet treat to enjoy during their travel day. When you send guests away with a little something extra, you will make a lasting impression of hospitality and warmth.

Schedule a post-guest clean

The final tip won’t necessarily impress your guests, but it will make hosting a nicer experience for you. Schedule a cleaning service for a few hours or the day after your guests leave. Not needing to worry about tidying up after guests will make you much more likely to plan another party.