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Are You A Realtor? These Reasons For Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service Will Boost Your Sales

Are You A Realtor? These Reasons For Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service Will Boost Your Sales

The real estate market in New York is one with huge demand. Competition is big and therefore having a good first impression is important to gain new clients. Showing a dirty home or office is not a good selling strategy, but as a realtor, you probably don’t have the time to clean up the area. Here are the reasons why hiring a professional office or residential cleaning service will boost your reputation and differentiate you from the competition.

Keep High Standards

Potential home or office buyers are always expecting the best. Walking into a sloppy place will kill the vibes and won’t provide a good picture of the area. Showing off a dirty or smelling place will most likely be 70% of the reason you lost your clientele. A professional cleaning service ensures that industry clean standards are met and that you won’t have any nasty surprises at the end.

Save Yourself Time

Real store agents have a busy schedule hopping from one location to the other. You probably don’t have time or even the responsibility to clean the place you’ll show. Therefore befriending a cleaning company will save you time and facilitate the buying and selling of your clients’ property.

Avoid Bad Pictures

It might be the case that a photographer will visit a property to take photos to upload on an online platform or catalog. Their job is to take pictures of what is in front of them. To avoid bad pictures that will cost you clients just contact a professional cleaning company beforehand to leave the area sparkly and impeccable.

Cleaning as an Incentive

These days solidarity is worth millions. Gifts and certificates can be a way of showing your clients you appreciate them choosing you. A good idea to boost your customer service and client relations is to gift them a cleaning service certificate when they move in! People love something to look forward to that other realtors don’t offer. And who doesn’t like to save time on the heavy cleaning that comes before and after moving to a new place?

If you are looking for a high-quality cleaning service in New York, we are here to help you! We’re one of the leading professional home cleaning services in the area. Call us today and we’d be happy to clean your property as if it were our own.