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Post-Halloween party cleaning tips

Post-Halloween Party Cleaning Tips

Halloween is one of those holidays people wait for all year long. There are trips to the pumpkin patch, special candies, scary movie marathons, and creative customs to prepare for the famous Halloween party. But this spooky season also unleashes a lot of mess either at home or on the streets. For those hosting Halloween parties here are some tips that’ll help you clean up the aftermath of October 31st.

  • Pumpkins: it’s probably the case you or your family will be making some jack-o’-lanterns to set outside as season welcoming decorations. If you forget to pick them up and leave them a little longer than it should don’t worry. Jack-o’-lantern guts are one of the easiest Halloween messes to get rid of. Just dampen a microfiber cloth with either a bit of toothpaste or dish soap and warm water and rub on the stain.
  • Candy or gum: Halloween is a favorite celebration for children because of all the candy, chocolate, and gum available. The negative side is that candy gets to stick easily on surfaces, chocolate melts fast and gum is hard to remove. But there are solutions such as mixing dish soap and warm water, or vinegar and scrape of any stains. For gum onto your upholstery, freeze the gum by applying ice until t hardens and scrape it away.
  • Toilet paper: woke up and all you saw was trees covered in toilet paper? Don’t panic, use a leaf blower to remove the tissue.
  • Egging: pick up any eggshells before hosing off areas and scrub off leftovers with a brush dipped in a mixture of warm water and dish soap.
  • Glitter: an all-time favorite to clean as you will absolutely be finding glitter in places you never thought possible for months. You can mop, sweep or just use a vacuum to get as much of it out of the way as possible. Make sure to have some playdough around or a bundle of tape to pick up any sparkles that will stay on the floors or other surfaces.

Halloween should be fun, festive, and enjoyable. Cleaning after such a big mess might not be all that, so it is best to just hire a professional cleaning company that will do all the dirty work for you in half the time that I’ll take you to do so. At Keep It Up, we can give you a hand just contact us to book a cleaning!