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Post-Construction Cleaning on Long Island

Post-Construction Cleaning On Long Island

Building a new home in the Hamptons is an exciting proposition. As construction is completed, you can appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship needed to finish the work. However, the most meticulous construction crew will still make it necessary to hire post-construction cleaning on Long Island. Some construction companies take care of hiring companies that do the post-construction cleaning. It is important that any company hired is aware of necessary special treatment for surfaces or materials that are part of your new home.

Instructing the Cleaners

Whether you do the hiring or your construction company does, there are a few points to make clear with the cleaning company:

  1. Let the cleaners know of any allergies to cleaning products so they can avoid them.
  2. If you prefer a specific brand of cleaner, buy it for them to use.
  3. Make them aware of any special cleaning needs for specific rooms, furniture or appliances.
  4. Discuss any areas you want to clean yourself.

Cleaning Products Are Not All Alike

Cleaning products have evolved over the years, especially since many natural materials have been replaced by synthetic ones. Additionally, due to allergens and the requirements for green cleaning solutions, companies that make cleaning supplies often have environmentally friendly products.


Products made with bleach are usually the least expensive of all cleaners. Bleach is used to kill germs in most commercial settings, including restaurants. However, some floors or surface materials such as wood or granite may not hold up well when cleaned with bleach. Therefore, as a homeowner, it is important for you to know what type of cleaner is safe for your floors and countertops. Discuss this topic with your contractor when you select your building materials.

Green Cleaning Products

Environmentally friendly cleaners are popular because their runoff or residue doesn’t harm people or animals, nor does it harm the earth. However, you may find that these cleaners do not meet local health department requirements. For a private residence, you can choose your own cleaners without worry, but a commercial setting requires cleaning products that meet the local health code.