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Post-Remodeling Cleaning Services in Manhattan and Palm Beach

Post-Remodeling Cleaning Services In Manhattan And Palm Beach

Remodeling can be an exciting time for any business or homeowner, as freshly revamped spaces can be indicative of a new era. However, even the most skilled and thorough construction crew can leave behind debris and small particulates that might prove to be irritants as they get stirred up during routine use. Eliminate any concerns about residual particulates with our eco-friendly post-remodeling cleaning services in Manhattan and Palm Beach.

Luxury Cleaning Customized for Your Needs

Do you or others who will occupy the space have allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals or types of airborne particulates? These concerns should be addressed with the construction company when you sign a contract, and remember to inquire whether they hire a company or if you should. Either way, be certain to request them to use an environmentally friendly luxury cleaning service who will use the products you prefer while avoiding any potential allergy-inducing chemicals.

Post-Remodeling Disinfection, Vacuuming, Steaming and Window Cleaning

The key to safe make-ready processes is understanding that not all cleaning products and tools are created alike. At Keep It Up cleaning services in Manhattan, we are accustomed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of the most discerning clients who often have an array of custom requests. We are armed with the best eco-friendly cleaning supplies and state-of-the-art equipment, so you can move into a new space that’s free of chemical residue, which can result in irritated eyes, skin and respiratory problems.

Our biodegradable cleaning products and hospital-grade vacuums get the job done right and remove residue from every nook and cranny. Our vacuums are equipped to tackle carpeting, upholstery, cupboards and much more with precise steam controls and suction pressure—all without the use of harmful, toxic solutions. Windows often capture quite a bit of dust and grime from remodeling efforts, and we can quickly restore them to a sparkling glean as a finishing touch to post-construction projects.

We Specialize in Post-Remodel Cleaning

If a remodeling project is in the near future, be sure to contact Keep It Up luxury cleaning services to discuss how we can help your project’s completion be a tidy success.