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Winter Salt Stain Cleaning Tips for Floors and Furniture

Winter Salt Stain Cleaning Tips For Floors And Furniture

Winter Salt Stain Cleaning Tips for Floors and Furniture

Winter salt stains everywhere can be a real problem this time of year. This is especially true if you live in New York City. You naturally walk a lot of places in the city, picking up salt debris as you go. Then once you get back home, the salty residue ends up getting all over your floors and furniture, as well as embedded into your carpet. It’s even worse if you have children, who might be less than careful about taking their shoes off. 

Obviously, when you use the exceptional cleaning services of Keep It Up, your floors and furniture will be taken care of with a sparkling clean finish. But there might be times when you need to get rid of winter salt stains on your own. Here are a few tips to make sure that winter salt stains don’t wreak havoc on your home. 

For Hardwood Floors or Tiles

First, make sure the floors are dry. Then you want to vacuum up the extra salt and debris that is resting on top. Next, a combination of half water and half white vinegar mixed together into a spray bottle is just the solution you need to break through that salt and grime. Spray the solution lightly over the surface of your floor where there are stains, and let it sit for a few minutes to penetrate the dirt. Then all you have to do is wipe your floor clean with a cloth or sponge. 

You can do this cleaning technique on carpet as well ― just make sure you leave the solution of water and vinegar on for at least 15 minutes to deeply penetrate all the carpet fibers. 

For Furniture

Using the same half-and-half mixture of vinegar and water, you’ll need to lightly spray down your upholstery-based furniture. Then use a scrub brush to gently buff out the salt stains. Next, blot it dry with a cotton cloth-based towel. This technique works on all types of luxury chair and sofa fabrics like velvet, cotton, wool, linen, silk, or mohair. 

If you are struggling with any kind of unusual stains during these long winter months, it might be helpful to schedule a few extra deep cleaning sessions with Keep It Up, outside of the normal cleaning we do for you. After all, your home deserves to be a place free of debris, with a beautifully clean finish that your family can enjoy day after day.