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Rotating Your Wardrobe Seasonally to Minimize Clutter

Rotating Your Wardrobe Seasonally To Minimize Clutter

One of the main things that makes a luxury apartment feel luxurious is keeping it clean, and having a quality cleaning service can help you do just that. However, you may still be limited in space. One main area where clutter can build up is with a person’s wardrobe. If you have clothes for multiple seasons, storing offseason items when you are not wearing them can help keep the main areas of your closets and dressers accessible, and help you to enjoy what you are actually wearing,

Decide on an Organization System and What You Want to Store

A lot of your organization system will depend on your personal fashion choices. A good first step is to designate clothes that are definitely winter-only clothes or summer-only clothes. For the most part, you won’t wear these in opposite seasons, unless you plan to travel or keep a swimsuit or two for indoor pools. Many of your fall and spring clothes may still be able to used interchangeably. Chances are when you are going through clothes, you will find items that don’t fit or that you just don’t like anymore. If this happens, you can store them for a year if you wish, or donate them immediately in order to cleat clutter.

Storage Containers and Corners

Where to put the stored clothes you will likely wear during the next season can often become a head-scratcher. You definitely want things out of sight during the off-season. When it comes to storage there are two main “don’ts.” 

  • Avoid storing in basements, where things can require a damp or moldy smell
  • Avoid cardboard storage

Generally, garment bags or breathable plastic storage bins are your best bets. Anything stored in an airtight container can wind up smelling a bit stale once it comes out of storage. These may require laundering or dry cleaning before wearing. A better choice is to use the hard-to-reach areas of your closet for off-season wear or ventilated plastic boxes under beds or stairwells.

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