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Taking Care of Your Surroundings is More Important Than Ever

Taking Care Of Your Surroundings Is More Important Than Ever

When Covid-19 hit the streets in 2020 the world turned upside-down, and people’s lives changed, and guarding against illness became an even higher priority. While there are many mysteries surrounding this virus, cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces we live and work with every day is more important than ever. The is one area where KeepitUp is here to help.

Keeping Your Employees Safe

If you maintain office space, you not only need to worry about social distancing for your workers as much as possible but what really matters, what has always mattered is keeping surfaces clean. Whether you are fighting a potentially deadly virus or the common cold cleaning with environmentally safe and effective cleaning products help assure that the people in these areas have the best chance to stay well. We stay up to date on CDC cleaning recommendations and as always are meticulous about being thorough in every area we clean.

Of course, even a cleaning company can’t be there constantly. Without proper maintenance, the risk may still be high. That’s why training is so important, so your staff knows and understands the important precautions they need to take as part of their daily routines in order to keep areas clean and nontoxic.

Maintaining Your Home

With more people working from home, keeping up your own home hygiene, while staying productive in your own work can be challenging, but it is especially important. At KeepitUp we aim to make things a bit easier, by helping you with the regular deep cleaning of your home in the New York or Palm Beach areas. We are also here to support your personal cleaning efforts for times when our cleaning staff is not there. By using environmentally friendly products we also minimize allergic reactions that may be confused with symptoms of illness. 

Staying safe from viruses, germs, and toxins have always been the cornerstone of our business at KeepItUp and helps keep all of us at our best. To learn more about all the services we provide in both the New York area and in Palm Beach, contact us in New York at New York 212-222-7306 or in Palm Beach at 833-476-6463 to request a quote.