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Deep Cleaning Tips For Today’s “New Normal”

Deep Cleaning Tips For Today’s “New Normal”

We are spending more time than ever in our home sweet homes. One of the best ways to enjoy our surroundings is to keep our living spaces clean and comfortable. Here are some deep cleaning tips to ensure you stay safe and healthy for today’s “new normal.” 

Use Hot Soapy Water: Using soap and water is a tried and true cleaning solution that works. Soapy water will remove and flush any invisible viral particles that are on surfaces. This includes countertops, tables, flat surfaces, light switch plates, kitchen appliances, stairway railings, doorknobs, and other frequently touched items like cell phones, and remote controls. Change the water and towels frequently.

Helpful Tip: Wear disposable or rubber gloves that are reserved just for cleaning. Throw them away after each use or properly disinfect before wearing them again. After removing gloves, wash your hands with soapy water, or use hand sanitizer.

Remember to Disinfect: The CDC recommends going over cleaned surfaces with a disinfectant proven to kill viruses and bacteria. It is important to read the instructions and use them as recommended by the manufacturer. Do not combine or use different cleaners together unless specified in the instructions. Mixing chemicals could be dangerous and should be avoided.

Helpful Tip: During flu season and the COVID-19 pandemic, disinfecting after a thorough cleaning process should be repeated throughout the day, especially if someone in your home is ill or has been exposed to the virus.

Laundering Linens and Blankets:  Launder blankets, throws, pillows, and other bedding items that are not laundered on a regular basis. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use the warmest water temperature, and allow the items to dry completely. Laundry items from an ill family member should be washed separately. Always disinfect the mattress, hamper, and laundry basket. If possible, cover the hamper and laundry basket with a disposable liner. Always wash your hands after handling dirty laundry.

Helpful Tip:  Do not shake dirty laundry to prevent virus particles from entering the air. If possible open windows to allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home.