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Tips to Keep Your House Clean After A Professional Cleaning Service

Tips To Keep Your House Clean After A Professional Cleaning Service

It might be the case you hired a professional cleaning service to help you clean and organize your home and make it look and feel fresh and tidy. Now that your home looks impeccable, you worry about how to keep it clean for a few weeks. Don’t worry, it’s easy and requires little to no stress. Here are some simple steps to follow in between professional house cleaning services.

Every Day Cleaning

Practice simple cleaning tasks that take you less than 5 minutes and help maintain the house in order. Such as sweeping the floor to avoid dust or food crumbs, making your bed, leaving the kitchen counters arranged, avoiding clothe piles, keeping the closet clutter-free, and perhaps a little bathroom superficial cleaning as well. To avoid spending the entire day cleaning, you can arrange a once-per-week schedule to accomplish these tasks.

Donate Or Throw Away Unused Or Old Items

Sometimes we attach to our possession, but it is also healthy to let go of things that no longer serve you. Don’t let old and unused items like books or clothes clutter your home. A good idea is to have a box where you can place them and see how you can recycle them or donate them to charity.

Keep Closets and Shelves Arranged

Keeping your closet organize might not be the funniest thing to do. But it is important to be disciplined enough to put the clothes, shoes, and bags in the closet and not allow them to clutter the house. Shelves or stationaries should also be kept organized as well. Clutter can become a hidden place for bugs and bacteria. It is best to take a day perhaps during the weekend, where you have time and patience to organize the closet. If you have kids, encourage them to do the same too.

Empty The Trash Can

Try emptying the trash can every day or once a week. Accumulated trash can bring in odors and also make your home feel dirty.

Keep the Kitchen and Bathroom Clean

These two areas are the most used parts of a house, therefore they get dirty easily. Keep kitchen countertops organized, clean any spills immediately to avoid stains, and make sure you mop the floor at least once a week. For bathrooms, it is best to sweep floors, clean the sink and avoid dirty towels to clutter.

Keeping your home clean after hiring a professional cleaning service is not an easy task, especially if there are kids or a lot of people in the house. But if you try to leave things clean and organized, you will constantly feel the joy of a clean house just like you did after the professional cleaners left your house. Remember this is just temporary as cleaning services can be a regular thing if you want them to. Contact us to learn more.