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Daily Cleaning Tips for Your Concrete Countertops

Daily Cleaning Tips For Your Concrete Countertops

Concrete surfaces are one of the most popular types of countertops for kitchens and bathrooms today. It’s easy to see why. This type of surface melds with multiple design styles, from traditional to industrial, is heat-resistant and can last a lifetime with proper maintenance. Keeping your concrete countertop looking like new requires minimal effort, but daily attention will go a long way toward preserving your surface’s beauty.

Tips for cleaning your concrete countertops include:

1. Be careful when selecting your cleanser. Concrete surfaces can be damaged by harsh, acidic cleaning products. For best results, use a gentle, non-acidic cleaner and apply it in sweeping, circular motions. Avoid scrubbing motions. pH-neutral wipes, available at hardware and big box home improvement stores, are a good choice and are gentle enough to use every day. In addition, make sure that your cleaning person is aware of this procedure.

2. Spot clean, if necessary. If there is a spot or an oil stain on your counter, you’ll need a little more concentrated cleaning. Before you begin your general cleaning on the counter, apply a generous amount of cleanser to a cotton ball and place it over the stain. Weigh the cotton ball down with a drinking glass or other, similar object. Leave for about 10 minutes. You may have to repeat the process once or twice for stubborn stains. After the stain is gone, proceed with your general wipe down.

3. Rinse well with water after cleaning. It’s also important to rinse your surface thoroughly with water to remove any residue of the cleaner. Without rinsing, the cleaner can potentially pit or otherwise mar your surface. Allow the surface to air-dry after rinsing. 

Keeping your concrete counters looking like new doesn’t have to be an impossible task. Simply choose a non-acidic cleaning product; remember to clean the surface using wide, sweeping motions; rinse the counter completely after cleaning, and gently spot-clean when necessary.